These are the notes for my talk today to the Center for Public Intergrity.

What’s different for people who want do serious journalism in the age of digital networks?

I have boiled it down to six things:

1. The subsidy system has been destroyed.

2. Audience atomization has been overcome.

3. Distribution has been democratized.

4. A power shift has taken place…

The audience

The sources

The platforms

…. all have more power.

5. Barriers to entry–and invention–have fallen decisively.

6. The nature of trust is changing.

What’s worse for journalists about all this?

1. A crisis of employment.

2. Institutions have to rescale and some won’t make it.

3. Far more noise and crap in the system.

4. The means for uninforming the public are greater than ever.

What’s better about the emerging system?

1. Demand for serious journalism is very high.

2. The need is greater than ever.

3. The tools are better than ever.

4. The data is better than ever.

5. Creativity in journalism has a new lease on life.

6. The generation dynamics are healthier, with young people more able to contribute their talents.

7. To do journalism today you have to be really committed to it.

8. The more people who participate in it, the stronger the press will be.