How Obama Came to Plan for ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan

… And in another twist, Mr. Obama, who campaigned as an apostle of transparency and had been announcing each Situation Room meeting publicly and even releasing pictures, was livid that details of the discussions were leaking out.

“What I’m not going to tolerate is you talking to the press outside of this room,” he scolded his advisers. “It’s a disservice to the process, to the country and to the men and women of the military.”

Let me see if I follow this, Peter Baker. What Obama meant when he campaigned on a call for more transparency in government was that he wouldn’t much care if details of his deliberations with advisers leaked from the White House situation room before he made a major decision, and so his sudden turn toward caring whether the details of his deliberatons with advisors leak out before he makes a major decision (like sending 30,000 troops to war) is a fascinating “twist” and quite possibly a bit of hyprocrisy… right?